Sunday, July 13, 2008

Zany & Wavy

Do you ever get the feeling when you do a job, that if you had to promote and market yourself, that you would do a better job than the client? Well, I did in this case. This was created(with 4 other designs) for baby/toddler blankets to be sold with plush dolls. After weeks of work and trying to come up with a name for the line(Zany & Wavy was what the client decided in the end), they were printed and made, as well as a really cool hangtag I designed for the blankets. The client decide to not use the hangtag for unknown reasons and they didn't sell very well because the packaging was done terribly(a ribbon was used to attach the plush doll and basically scrunched everything up, so you really didn't even see what you were buying). Seems to be the same old story with the jobs I get...I really had high hopes for this one...One day, one of my products will be uber successful. I just need to get my opinions heard!

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Enedina Vance said...

Where can we find Zany & Wavy blankets?